GoClip™ – W·H·Y


Enjoy the outdoors with the first and only repellent formulated for stinging insects. All-natural essential oils provide a shield against wasps, hornets and yellowjackets.

GoClip™ has a pleasant scent and is safe to use around food. It can be worn on a lanyard, clipped to a hat, or attached to a placemat, picnic basket or lawn chair to keep stinging insects away from the meats and sweet liquids that often lure them around people.

The GoClip™ repellency lasts 48 hours –you can use it for several hours at a time, and then place GoClip™ in its resealable package to extend the life for days.

  • Repels wasps, hornets and yellowjackets
  • DEET-free and kid-safe
  • All-natural
  • Pleasant scent
  • Nothing to spray or apply to your skin
  • Deters insects from landing on you
  • Safe to use around food
  • Lasts 6 Days, based on 8 hours’ use per day
  • Made in the USA
GoClip™ Stinging Insect Repellent

Go anywhere with protection from wasps, hornets and yellowjackets!

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